Here is a bit of information about what you should bring with you:

Shoes/boots. You should bring comfortable shoes/boots that you can walk for hours in without getting sore feet. I will not tell you which boots to bring, as different people prefer different footwear. I prefer my comfortable steel-capped work boots, you might prefer sneakers etc. What I advise is that you get shoes that are 1/2 size too big. This will minimise blisters from your feet swelling during the day and squashing your toes. Wear an extra pair of socks if they seem too big.

Brimmed hat - for sunny days to keep the sun from your eyes. In winter please bring a beanie as well or instead.

A change of clothes. You don't need to change your clothes every day in the bush. You can just bring a couple of extra pairs of undies and socks if you like.

Medications. Remember any necessary medications

Camera. Please feel free to bring a camera on tours as well as survival training. 

Warm jacket or coat

Change of clothes and a towel. At the end of the course or hike you will have the opportunity to change into new clothes and have a shower.


You will be getting dirty so I recommend that you buy some old clothes at your local op shop to wear.

What I provide:

On all tours and courses, I bring safety equipment like first aid,emergency beacon and other equipment for your safety. Food and camping is very basic.

 On survival training food is basic, it may be limited to plants we can find in the bush. You do not have to eat bugs or kill animals/fish if you choose not to but you will be taught trapping techniques.

On many survival courses you will not have sleeping bags or tents, we will be learning to make warm shelters.

On guided hikes I can supply all equipment and food but you will need to bring the gear recommended on the left of this page. Camping and food is very basic with no, or few washing and toileting facilities. You will need to bring money for souvenirs or other things you would like to buy if we pass through towns.

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