So you want to escape civilisation and live in the bush? Here are a few home truths that you need to think about first. Please take notice of my years of experience.


*  No matter how much you learn from books or the internet - the actual experience WILL be very different. You need to practice camping in all weathers before you start out.

*  Modern hiking clothing will not last - go for heavy wool and clothing made for fishermen and forestry.

*  A big problem is boredom and loneliness.

*  It will be a lot harder than you can imagine.

*  It is constant work living off the land and native foods are terribly boring. You will crave sugar and fat constantly and feel hungry

*  Always have a few weeks of seasonal work every year like fruit picking to earn enough for extra food to suppliment any you catch, and for repairs and new boots etc.

*  You won't be able to permenantly escape notice so learn how to get along with people and what the rules are.

*  Move camp often and don't mess up the camp areas.

*  Always have plenty of money in the bank before you go - food, medical, dentistry - you need money for these and more.

*  In Australia you can't carry a gun around without getting into trouble - don't rely on a gun for your food.

*  It all looks so simple on the internet or on TV, don't bet on it. Don't rely on 'Man vs Wild' for realistic information.

*  Take care of your feet. Buy good boots. Shoes that are comfortable around town may be very uncomfortable in the bush. Buy good socks

*  Don't trust any equipment that says 'Tuff' or 'Adventurer'.



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