Emergency Survival Kits

When you are walking in the bush, even for a short hike, you should carry an emergency survival kit with you. They are small enough to throw in your day pack or even in your pocket. NEVER go without it. I know my area inside out but a couple of times I have taken a wrong track and realised that I couldn't get back to camp before nightfall. Being able to make a fire and cook, or stay dry is handy then.

I like to be comfortable so mine is a little bigger than most but you should make yours up as you like. This is what my kit holds:

Case: Some people like to have a small pocket sized case that can be put in a pocket or hung on your belt but I have a larger camera case that I can either throw over my shoulder or put into my bag. My case keeps everything neat.

Pot: Most emergency kits are too small to hold a small cooking pot but if I am out in the bush for a night I want to have something that I can cook/boil water/collect water in. You can get small camping saucepans with a handle that folds over the lid to make it compact. You could use a mess kit or a small boiled pudding pot. You can find a pouch or camera bag to fit any size pot.

Fire: I like to carry three fire lighting methods with me. Mine are fire steel, bic lighter and small fresnel lens. You could also put in matches or a small magnifying glass if you like.

Roller bandage: If you are injured badly enough in the bush to not be able to get out, most likely you will need a roller bandage. It can be used on snake bite, broken leg/arm or sprained ankle.

Emergency poncho: I think this cheap plastic poncho is a must. You can get them at any discount store for a couple of dollars. It is used not only to keep you dry (very important) but also to collect water if it is raining. You can also use one if you are careful on a solar still.

Knife: It can be used to cut string, harvest some foods and general cutting.

Fishing kit: Fishing hooks (jammed into a piece of cork) and line - maybe you will not be lost near a river or the coast, but if you are, you would kick yourself if you didn't have these.

String: useful for tying things, snares and general purposes.

Tinder: cotton balls impregnated with vasaline to make starting a fire a lot easier, especially in cold or wet weather.

Ziplock bag: for keeping everything dry, also to collect tinder if necessary

Orange electrical tape: handy to mark my way for rescuers, or to bind a wound or splint a broken finger.

Pen: To write on the tape if necessary

Aspirin: for headaches and general aches and pains

Menstrual cup: because I am a woman and in case I am struck unexpectedly at that time of the month

Tweezers: because I once fell into a large dry thistle. I spent two days picking spines out of my arms.

Solar mylar sleeping bag - bigger and warmer than a foil emergency blanket.     

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