The best prices around - prices include food but sometimes not transport. (you can drive, or I can sometimes arrange cheap transport to the site/s) PRICES NEGOTIABLE for larger groups - Please feel free to ask. If there are enough participants (over 6) I can often arrange transport by small bus.

Here is a general idea of my fees:

3 day survival training - $100 per person

1 day identifying native wild foods - $50 per person

3 day Great SW Walk hike (part thereof) - $300 per person, includes equipment, attraction entries, transport, food. You can choose which part of the walk you would like to do. There are coastal sections, bush sections and river sections. I can guide for the whole walk but that will take 2 weeks.

5 day survival scenario - $300 per person. Survived a plane crash/vehicle breakdown or just lost? what are you going to do now?

Or - tell me what you want, make your own wilderness tour/ survival training. I can be hired as an independent contractor - tell me what you have in mind.




















GSSW hikes - The Great SW Walk is a 250km walk, half in the forest and half along the coast. It is fairly flat and not too difficult so you don't have to be super fit.

You will have a list of things that you might like to bring emailed to you when you book and pay. Good shoes and a brimmed hat are a must.

 Survival kit items for sale:

After any survival training course you will have the opportunity to purchase important survival kit items if you wish. These will be available for about the same price as you would find them on Ebay. There is no pressure to buy theses things.

Items include fire steels, compasses, whistles, electronic locators and much more.

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