Here are my picks for the best hiking/camping foods that are light but nutritious.

Pasta - I love pasta, just add water and boil. You can add anything you have to make it a meal. Take with you soup packets, dry cheese sauce packets or hard/smoked sausage like salami. I carry two minute noodles with me everywhere.

Pasta adds to make a meal: peanut butter, cheese sauce, packet tuna, smoked sausage, soup, tomato sauce, native greens, bacon  

Salami - or other hard sausage can be used to flavour any meal. They don't need to be kept refrigerated in cool weather. This also goes for traditionally smoked bacon.

Peanut butter - this is one of the most nutritious foods that you can take with you. It contains plenty of protein, fat and some carbs. A great emergency food.

Chocolate - as above, especially nut filled.

Cereal - I always have wheat biscuits with powdered milk for breakfast. Great fibre as well as filling you up for the morning. Porridge (rolled oats) is even better. You can pack your cereal with milk and sugar into ziplock bags to make the individual portions less messy, you can even eat your brekkie (if cold) out of the bags to save on clean-up.

Berrocca tablets (or Aldi equivalent) - these are great for flavouring creek water for palatability, as well as giving you a boost of vit C which you can miss while camping.


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