Here is some rating information about our courses to help with choosing. For info on the food provided click here

Rating 1:

Enjoy simple camping or short hikes. Great for those new to the bush and those who just want to get away for two or three days, or for those who want to try camping to see if they like it before they fork out for their own equipment.

Camping is basic, but usually with toilet facilities. Learn to cook over a campfire, how to set up a tent and other camping activities.

All equipment and food is supplied except you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and camping mat, or other bedding.


 Rating 2:

For those who want to experience nature at a more intimate level. Three day hikes or wilderness camping.

Tents and food supplied - you must bring your own bedding.

Campfires and identifying native foods. Enjoy the forest or coast and see native animals.


Rating 3:

These courses will give you a challenge. There are no tents or sleeping bags. Learn how to make your own shelter from material found around the camp. Food will be mainly what we can find in the bush.

Learn how to survive emergency situations such as being lost in the bush. Learn many survival techniques such as finding and filtering water, making fire without matches, safety techniques and signalling, native foods - and much more

You may get cold, wet, uncomfortable or hungry on these courses. These are not 'exciting' or fun courses, they are real. There is no running, climbing cliffs and jumping into rapids. You may even find them a bit boring if you compare it to Man vs Wild.


Rating 4:

Unfortunately I am getting older and have too much on my plate to travel far now to provide these more difficult courses. I might be persuaded if you can get a group (of at least 6 people) together yourself but I will not be advertising them any more.
















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