About Me

I am an independant guide/survival trainer who has actually lived for years in the forests of the area.

My name is Rowan (female) and I have a wide knowledge of survival skills and love teaching them to keen students. I have spent most of my life in the forests, exploring, living off the land and enjoying what our bush has to offer.
I have just moved in with my elderly parents to look after them so I should be able to answer any enquiries immediately.

For those not interested in survival skills, I can guide trekking and camping trips to your needs.

What you need to know:
I have no insurance, and while I will endeavour to keep you safe and healthy, there are a lot of dangers in the bush. There are many small and large risks involved with any activities in the bush, ranging from ant stings, to broken legs. I have never had anyone get badly hurt yet, but there is always that possibility. I do carry an emergency beacon and good first aid kit, as well as other safety items, but I cannot guarantee your safety.
You will be taught to be self reliant and to think for yourself to minimise your chance of being hurt.
I advise you to have your own personal accident and ambulance insurance.

Unlike many courses and trainers, I have actually lived this life full time so I know what I am talking about, as well as passing on tips and knowledge that you won't learn on any other courses.

I have to be good at what I do as this is my only income, so I will give my best in training you, or guiding you.
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