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Experience the real Australian bush - and no, you don't have to eat insects if you don't want to.

Have fun with like-minded people with my survival skills training workshops and courses, camping and hiking tours in the Australian forests of far SW Victoria.
Learn to:
  • Identify and eat bush foods of Southern Victoria 
  • Make shelter, fire and find water 
  • Test yourself and survive, or
  • Take a hiking tour following the Glenelg river from the sea to it's source, or hike parts of the famous Great SW Walk.
Or just camp over for a night or two and wake up with kookaburras.

Sure, you may at times get hungry, cold or uncomfortable on these camps, but it is worth it. I will teach you how to overcome fears and discomfort, and meanwhile have a great time learning what few others know. I will teach you things that few other courses teach, because I actually live it and have practical experience.

All you need to bring is yourself, any medications you need, and a change of clothes, most of the rest is supplied (you will be emailed with anything else you might need to bring.

Best priced tours and training available - because I don't need much money to survive. I TEACH WHAT I LIVE.


Interested in survivalism and self-sufficiency? Why not check out The Survivalists Group of Australia


Real world people discussing real world situations - no zombies or Hollywood stuff here - doing real stuff together.












































PLEASE READ - Because I am very busy getting my market garden off the ground I am only offering courses to those who can get their own small group together (3-8 people). I will not be advertising for the rest of 2014 to get participants and I have removed all the pre listed courses for the rest of the year. Hopefully things will be back to normal next year. 

If you can get your own group together for a survival, bug-out or native food plant course please email or message me. Still taking bookings for individual get-aways.


Chances are that you will never need the wilderness skills that I teach, but all the mental skills that are the base of surviving in the bush can be invaluable to you in a city setting, or in any part of your life.

Learn to think, and not panic when confronted with any emergency situation in your life. This is where the skills that I teach can save your life, or at least make things easier for you.

While learning invaluable lessons on survival you will also be cooking on a campfire (regulations permitting depending on the time of year), skills competitions with your fellow trainees, and having fun.

The climate here is mild so you are not thrown in the 'deep end', and all equipment is supplied. All you need to bring is a change of clothes, any medications you need, and your sense of humour.


 Courses and camping experiences for everyone

Courses and camping experiences are rated from 1 to 4 depending on how difficult or uncomfortable they are.

1 - Learn to enjoy camping or short hikes in an easy experience. Tents supplied. Toilet facilities.

2 - A little more challenging - no toilets, more activity

3 - Experience nature, learn survival skills - maybe get cold and wet or hungry.

4 - Challenging survival activities. Test your limits.

See wild animals in their native habitat, enjoy nature at it's best and check out a great part of this country off the tourist routes. Cook over a campfire.

Fun Scenarios

Get together a group of at least 6 people and I will make up a survival scenario to play out. Real skills involved and a great pub meal at the end. Could your group find its way out of the wilderness after a plane crash with only a few items you could scrounge from the wreck before it bursts into flame?

Other ideas considered.


Hiking tours

Adventure travel tours

Trekking tours

Wilderness tours

Adventure travel in Australia

Getting too stressed? I can take you on a hike to get away from civilisation. Ask for price.

Wilderness Survival Training 

Photography tours


Skill testing

Native food identification
















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